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By lepiej poznać ludzi wystarczy tylko raz zrobić coś wbrew ich woli.

— Woody Allen

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Fractal art is a type of digital art that’s considered new media. It’s not drawn or painted by hand, rather, fractal-generating software is used that relies on mathematical calculations to visually display objects. Italy-born Silvia Cordedda was made aware of fractal art in 2012, and has since amassed a body of work that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Her 3D abstract art is often centered on flowers but ones that could never exist in this world. The translucent nature of the pedals coupled with the brilliant variety of colours makes each flower look as if it could only exist in our dreams or perhaps a wonderful, magical world.

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Beauty is not natural? 
It's always conditioned?
"Może teraz leżysz z otwartymi oczyma i powtarzasz moje imię. Może boisz się jutra, tak jak i ja? Jeżeli w tej chwili potrafisz zrozumieć i domyślić się czegoś, to pamiętaj: jestem teraz z tobą. (...) Jestem z tobą wszędzie, jeśli tylko myślisz o mnie".M. Hłasko
"Ósmy dzień tygodnia"
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Escher Metamorphose.
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Abdul Sattar Edhi, is a prominent Pakistani philanthropist, social activist, and humanitarian. He is the founder and head of the Edhi Foundation, a non-profit social welfare organisation in Pakistan.

Edhi has remained a simple and humble man. To this day, he a couple pairs of clothes, has never taken a salary from his organisation and lives in a small two bedroom apartment over his clinic in Karachi. He has been recommended for a Nobel Peace prize by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Edhi Foundation also runs the world’s largest ambulance service and operates free nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women’s shelters, and rehab centres for drug addicts and mentally ill individuals. It has run relief operations in Africa, Middle East, the Caucasus region, eastern Europe and the U.S. where it provided aid following the New Orleans hurricane of 2005.

“Every day before school, my mother would give me two paisa and say, ‘Spend one paisa on yourself and give the other away,’” Edhi remembers. “When I came home, she would ask me where I had given away my one paisa. It was her way of creating an awareness in me of the need for social welfare.” [x]

(Fact Source) For more facts, follow Ultrafacts

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My dear little girl

For a long time I’ve been wanting to write to you in the evening after one of those outings with friends that I will soon be describing in “A Defeat,” the kind when the world is ours. I wanted to bring you my conqueror’s joy and lay it at your feet, as they did in the Age of the Sun King. And then, tired out by all the shouting, I always simply went to bed. Today I’m doing it to feel the pleasure you don’t yet know, of turning abruptly from friendship to love, from strength to tenderness. Tonight I love you in a way that you have not known in me: I am neither worn down by travels nor wrapped up in the desire for your presence. I am mastering my love for you and turning it inwards as a constituent element of myself. This happens much more often than I admit to you, but seldom when I’m writing to you. Try to understand me: I love you while paying attention to external things. At Toulouse I simply loved you. Tonight I love you on a spring evening. I love you with the window open. You are mine, and things are mine, and my love alters the things around me and the things around me alter my love.

My dear little girl, as I’ve told you, what you’re lacking is friendship. But now is the time for more practical advice. Couldn’t you find a woman friend? How can Toulouse fail to contain one intelligent young woman worthy of you*? But you wouldn’t have to love her. Alas, you’re always ready to give your love, it’s the easiest thing to get from you. I’m not talking about your love for me, which is well beyond that, but you are lavish with little secondary loves, like that night in Thiviers when you loved that peasant walking downhill in the dark, whistling away, who turned out to be me. Get to know the feeling, free of tenderness, that comes from being two. It’s hard, because all friendship, even between two red-blooded men, has its moments of love. I have only to console my grieving friend to love him; it’s a feeling easily weakened and distorted. But you’re capable of it, and you must experience it. And so, despite your fleeting misanthropy, have you imagined what a lovely adventure it would be to search Toulouse for a woman who would be worthy of you and whom you wouldn’t be in love with? Don’t bother with the physical side or the social situation. And search honestly. And if you find nothing, turn Henri Pons, whom you scarcely love anymore, into a friend.


I love you with all my heart and soul.

Turning Abruptly from Friendship to Love: Sartre’s Love Letter to Simone de Beauvoir | Brain Pickings
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Self-knowledge is no guarantee of happiness, but it is on the side of happiness and can supply the courage to fight for it.

Simone de Beauvoir
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